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With Team Toyo since 2012

In which series are you currently racing as a member of Team Toyo?

I'll be racing the Lucas series.

Current Race Vehicle:

Race truck is a ford pro power pro lite





Top Accomplishments:

Rookie of the year and 2010 super lite champion

When and how did you get into racing?

I've always been a fan of off-road and just rented a super lite one time and hooked and that's how I got started racing

Most memorable moment in your career:

Most memorable moment for sure was winning my championship my first year racing.

Is there a person who has contributed directly to your success in racing?

Haha yea my wife for letting me spend all my money hahah.

If you could have anyone as your co-driver for just one race, who would you pick and why?

If I could have any one for my co pilot for one race it would be my pops just to scare the shit out of him

What kind of training do you prefer to stay in shape, and why?

Just the same training that I use to stay in shape for fmx. Which is core training and riding my mtb a lot

What advice do you have for a fan who wants to get into racing?

I would say for a fan wanting to get into racing is never give up

Person most admired in your life:

I would say I looked up to Ivan Stewart and walker evens.

What do you do when you’re not racing?

I ride my dirt bike, hang with the fam and work on my truck

What’s your daily driver and what is your dream car?

Right now I'm driving a ford raptor truck and the family car is a Mercedes gl550. The car I'd like to own one day is a RR phantom

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Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg
Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg
Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg